- First Milestone in the Implementation Project

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The project federated Identity (short: pursues the goal to implement a federated Identity Management (FIDM). The advantage of such a federation of the local IDM systems of the institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia is a regulated access with the account of the home institution. This enables users to access the services of the various universities at any time and from anywhere with just one account.

The IT Center of RWTH Aachen University is in charge of this project together with the consortium partners Ruhr University Bochum, University Duisburg-Essen and Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

The implementation project to establish federated identity management in NRW is divided into three milestones. Currently, the project is working on the first milestone.

The following objective has been planned for the period from September 2021 to August 2022:

  • Establishment of a NRW subfederation in DFN-AAI.
  • Establishment of an alliance bwIDM and with KIT in Baden-Württemberg
  • Publication of the result of common attributes in NRW and central groups of persons in the form of NRW standards, coordinated with DFN-AAI
  • Recommendation for the implementation of evaluated technologies (among others in cooperation with bwIDM2) - Evaluation: test, evaluate, recommend
  • Achievement of participation of further higher education institutions

Comprehensive information can be found in the article - First milestone in the implementation project on the IT Center Blog.