The print service portal is online!

Printing industry illustration Copyright: © freepik  

Now even easier to plot high-quality large format prints on a variety of materials.

For many years, high-quality output devices have been available in the printing service of the IT Center for large-format printouts by employees of the facilities, affiliated institutes and student organizations of RWTH Aachen University and the University Hospital. Since time immemorial, printing has been done here on roll paper and then cut to size so that any format is available, limited only by the roll width.

Thanks to the programming and commissioning of a new portal, the processes surrounding printing are now even more transparent and simpler. It also significantly improves the user experience: processing and communication for printing runs almost entirely via the portal, user IDs lose their validity, and the status of jobs can be viewed, as can invoices.

The new role " Nutzung IT Center Druckservice " is required to use the portal.

Instructions on how to use the portal and detailed descriptions of its functions are available in our IT Center Help documentation portal.