Applicants With University Entrance Exam From Abroad

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If you still live abroad and plan to come to Germany, please bear in mind the following:

Your university entrance certificate (A-levels, high school diploma, etc.) must be approved at the University of Applied Sciences Aachen. To that end, please add a certified translation of your degree to your application documents.

A DSH2 or equivalent language certificate is necessary. You will find further information in Regulations for the German Language exam for university entrance (DSH) at FH Aachen. To obtain the certificate, you must complete special language courses/exams. Make sure you add the language certificate to your application. Please note that our language of instruction is German. Only a few elective courses are held in English.

There is an entrance test in German for all applicants. Additionally, if a company is interested in recruiting you, they will invite you for a job interview. For both, you must come to Aachen. If you live far away from Aachen, you can do the test and the interview online. To do so, please contact us for the test and the company for the job interview.

We suggest following these steps in order:

  1. Have your degree translated.
  2. Obtain your language certificate.
  3. Submit your application through the internet portal of the RWTH university.
  4. Sit the entrance test.
  5. Show your skills in the job interview.
  6. Start your MATSE apprenticeship.

Please note: You must make sure to you receive your language certificate in time. You will not be allowed to write the entrance test without the language certificate. To start in September, a good time to get your language certificate is January/February. But, of course, the earlier, the better.

If you are recruited, congratulations! Now, do not waste time looking for a room or an appartement in Aachen. You can start with the information on our web site for cross-regional applicants.