The IT Center Congratulates on Passing the Training

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In 2022, a total of 12 IT Center trainees successfully completed their training. The IT Center would like to congratulate all trainees on successfully completing their training.

This year, two IT specialists in the field of system integration (FiSi) completed their training. During their apprenticeship, they have learnt to plan, set up and manage complex information and telecommunication systems. During the training, they acquired skills in the integration of both hardware and software components.

In the field of dialog marketing (DiMa), two trainees successfully passed their final examinations. In the course of their studies, the trainees acquired knowledge about, among other things, customer acquisition, care, and loyalty. They took on various administrative tasks and also learned how to use various PC applications.

A total of 90 mathematical-technical software developers, referred to as MATSE, successfully completed their training at various RWTH institutions and companies in the Aachen area, including eight at the IT Center. The MATSE training program teaches both theoretical and practical fundamentals in the fields of mathematics, computer science and programming. They acquire knowledge relating to digitalization, Industry 4.0 and Big Data, to name a few. This training is combined with a dual course of study at Aachen University of Applied Sciences.

The following students have successfully passed the final examinations:

  • Berki, Gréta [MATSE]
  • Brummel, Kim Marissa [MATSE]
  • Donath, Hendrik (incl. Bachelor) [MATSE]
  • Gostomski, Kevin (incl. Bachelor) [MATSE]
  • Hensel, Thomas [FiSi]
  • Kleefisch, Michael (incl. Bachelor) [MATSE]
  • König, Julia [DiMa]
  • Latta, Tom [FiSi]
  • Schröder, Lukas [MATSE]
  • Solotov, Nikolaj [MATSE]
  • Stiel, Janina [DiMa]
  • Weidemann, Wolfgang [MATSE]

We wish them all the best for the future!

Further information on the topic of "IT Center as a training company" can be found on the IT Center website.