About Us


The IT Center is the central IT facility of RWTH Aachen University and is responsible for IT support of university-wide processes. As an integral part of a technical university with a focus on teaching, research and infrastructure, the IT Center ensures the effective, efficient and secure operation of its IT infrastructure.

In doing so, the IT Center pursues a particularly high quality standard. By developing IT service management processes that are adapted to the needs of RWTH Aachen University, these quality standards can be maintained. The IT-ServiceDesk ensures the best possible accessibility of the IT Center for service requests.

The users of the (IT) services of the IT Center include not only the students, employees and institutions of RWTH Aachen University, but also other universities as well as external research institutions and companies. The IT Center defines itself not only as a service provider, but much more as a partner to its customers. This is reflected in the continuous development of the range of services and research cooperations.

In addition, a leading position among IT facilities in the international higher education landscape is also strived for.


Work at the IT Center

Equality, equal opportunity and the appreciation of diversity represent the fundamental principles of the university culture at RWTH Aachen University. As a workplace, the IT Center actively promotes recognition, equal rights, equal opportunities and the appreciation of each person's individuality. In doing so, we focus on transparency, collegiality, understanding and trust.

The well-being of employees and the continuous improvement of the work-life balance also play a major role at the IT Center. Organizational measures, for example, which are adapted as far as possible to the personal needs and requirements of employees, contribute to this. We are particularly pleased that in 2023 our Director Professor Matthias Müller received the "Famos for Family" award. This is awarded by RWTH Aachen University to heads of an organizational unit who are committed to a family-friendly work-life balance.

As a training company of RWTH Aachen University, the IT Center also contributes to shaping the future and helps new generations gain knowledge and sound professional training. In this context, in-company training is an important pillar of personnel development. State-of-the-art technologies and proximity to research enable trainees to learn and work at the cutting edge. The service- and research-oriented and at the same time practice-oriented training at the IT Center stands out: Numerous trainees pass their final exams with flying colors and are well equipped to start their careers, often at the IT Center.