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Please register for our courses using CAMPUS Office.

Your can find our course offerings under "Studierende unterrichten Studierende" (Students teach students) in the "fit in IT" sub-section.

How to Register: Step-by-step Instructions

The Registration for Offered Courses (de) page gives you an overview of current courses open for registration.

Currently we are offering the following courses. Please note that the language of instruction is German!

Microsoft Excel 2010 (de)

Introduction to MATLAB (de)

Microsoft Outlook 2010 (de)

Presentation Techniques (de)
Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 (de) Statistical Analyses using SPSS 17.0 (de)
Microsoft Word 2010 (de)

Text Processing using LaTeX (de)

Programming in Office 2010 (de)

Due to lack of demand, the following course is not offered;

  • Fundamentals of HTML, CSS & PHP

If you have suggestions for new IT courses, please send us an e-mail. If there is sufficient demand for a course on a certain topic, we might offer the course in the future.

Please Note

As a rule, you have to register for our courses. Registration is done via CAMPUS Office. Only students at RWTH Aachen are eligible to participate. By registering, you accept our terms and conditions for participation.

Certificates of participation for courses held prior to the summer semester of 2011 cannot be collected from the IT ServiceDesk, but from our office (during office hours, see contact).

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at .


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